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Quote from kharvel View Post :
Yes, absolutely. I tend to support candidates that don't have hidden agendas.
Obama hasn't exactly had a shortage of that.

Quote :
If that was true, why did he come out into public 6 MONTHS after the video came out? He could have come out the day after election in order to capitalize on the public attention but he chose not to do so.
Perhaps he was unsure about how it would play out, had Romney actually won? Maybe his situation changed, to a point where the risk was less or he stopped caring? Who knows his motivations, really. It's just as absurd to assume he did something heroically, without knowing why, and without assured consequences.

Quote :
He is a Manchurian candidate because he says stuff in private to close allies that he wouldn't dare to say to the general voting public.
Hm. That would describe ANY politician.

Quote :
A Manchurian candidate tries to hide his true agenda. The video of Romney proves that because he hasn't said anything like that in public before. If you show a video of Obama saying stuff in private, how different would that be from what he has said in public?
A manchurian candidate tries to destroy things from the inside out, as a double agent... Committing espionage, and is a traitor. That would be a definition easy enough to ascribe to BHO, and rather difficult to ascribe to MR. What you describe is a hypocrite. Which is just as easy to ascribe to BHO as many politicians, from both sides of the aisle.
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