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Quote from blueiedgod View Post :
You've been around longer than I, you probably already know that you can buy 1, get rewards, apply rewards to 2nd one, get rewards. Return 1st, keep 2nd.

I ended up buying 3 in quick successions, as rewards posted to my account. I ended up not picking up the first one, and picked up the last 2. Sold 1 locally and made some money on it. Cancelled the 1st one after a couple of weeks. I was actually hoping Sears would self cancel for not picking it up, but I had to call and IM to get it finally cancelled.

Lots of people were able to replicate buying 1, getting rewards, applying rewards to next. Cancelling or returning the 1st.

My case is unique though. I sold one of the TV's for profit, and Sears never took the rewards back when I cancelled the first one.

The TV ended up costing me a little over $100, between rewards, cashback, card discount, and local sale.

I'm not in the market for a tv. I'm always in the market for making a profit though. Awesome job on the rewards. I'll have to keep my eyes open for future deals like that.