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Quote from eibgrad View Post :
IMO, one of the best things about this TV is that's it's NOT a smart TV. I have a Vizio w/ smart apps, torturously slow to boot. Screws up my Harmony remote since it wants to change the input before the TV is ready. And even though I adjust the Harmony's power delay, it still means you have to keep it pointed at the TV for at least 20 secs! Plus, having to deal w/ playback to your AV has its issues too. You’re FAR better off using third party devices (Roku, AppleTV, etc.). I'm seriously considering returning my Vizio and getting this TV for this very reason.

Even the LG Blu-ray player that had the Internet apps was painfully slow I took it back and saved the $10 to get the model without it. Unless the beef up the insides of these devices I would agree with you that it is better getting a Roku or Apple TV instead of having them integrated. I don't know if the apps on the Samsung are any better since I never have used them.
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