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Quote from scarletfire77 View Post :
I'm really debating on whether to keep the ASUS 2nd gen i7 or return it. The i5 isnt in stock so thats out of the question. There is a 3rd gen i7 laptop with 8gb and 1TB hdd but its 170 dollars more. Is it worth paying that much more?

$170 than what?!?! Than this?? A 3rd gen i7 for less than $500 is a good deal even with UMA/iGPU gfx.

edit: the 8gb you dont have to worry about upgrading that. Pop in an SSD and get a number crunching beast. It might only slightly improve your gaming experience to pre 2010 PC games (GTA 4 on med is about as far as you can go and even thats pushing it on the HD4000 + i7, wouldnt be suprised if im overestimating)

Youll never lag while browsing the net though.... laugh out loud

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