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Not sure if you guys noticed, but if you place 5 separate orders, it gives you another 15% of the entire delivery, which drops the price to $8.66/box, making this an extremely hot deal (unless I am missing something).

It tells you on the right hand side of the screen how many more you have to add to your April delivery in order to qualify for this discount.

Quote :
Congratulations! You're saving 15% off your April delivery (except diapers & wipes)

Did you know that when you subscribe to 5 or more items that arrive in the same month, you save 15% off on your entire delivery? Please note that Diapers & wipes count toward your 5 items, but aren't eligible for more than 5% savings except for Amazon Mom members. Learn more [].
edit: only the last order shows the $8.66 price, yet the screen said the entire April delivery, so not sure what the real deal is, will have to check the credit card.

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