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Quote from proppat View Post :
Remember that these aren't true 120Hz sets. They're 60Hz sets with "black frame insertion." You still have to use 3:2 pulldown for 24fps video. It's false marketing on LG's part.
Quote from angle123 View Post :
LG is misleading in advertising. This is really a 60hz TV - LG TruMotion 120hz is not true 120hz, it's gimmick.
Do not ignore these above comments!

This is a pretty good deal but I would suggest supporting another company over LG because of their BLATANT false adverting on most of their TVs. 60Hz with "black frame insertion" looks okay but it doesn't looks as good as true 120Hz. If I buy a product that is claiming to be 120Hz it should be 120Hz.

Bad, bad BAD form LG. Mad

(Note: I don't even like 120Hz "soap opera effect" for Movies/TV but wanted it for sports, IMO that's where 120Hz is beneficial.)