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Quote from myang322 View Post :
If the La Crosse BC700 is too expensive for you at $30-40, take a look at this Sony Charger:

Unlike most chargers, the Sony charger is not a "dumb" timer-based charger, so it won't overcharge an already full battery. The Sony also handles each cell individually, which is rare in chargers of this price range.

Have a look at this review for more info:

I paid $10 for mine, but even at the current price of $14, it's a pretty good deal. (and it comes with 2 low-discharge AA batteries, though they are only 1000 mAH).
This is a good one. If Imay, I suggest this one:

It has refresh function, which is what I felt like the missing feature in the smart charger. Also, this one comes with 4 2000 mAh batteries. So it makes it a good deal.