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(StillGoing) urlhasbeenblocked - 2048MB RAM, 50GB Disk, 2TB Bandwidth, 2x IP address $40or$30/year - 4 Location Choices
urlhasbeenblocked is now offering a 2GB VPS for $40 per year, this time with 2 IPv4 addresses and now offer an additional location option (Atlanta)

UPDATE: The wiki went bye-bye, don't know why. Look at post 5 for most of what was in there.

UPDATE: I just found a code that seems to give you almost the same deal at $30, 2GBYR
More info from Kevin:
to clarify about the $30/yr deal. It is valid for the "Enterprise" plan listed here: It only includes 1x IP, and is only valid for our Chicago, Buffalo, and LA location (Not Atlanta). The $40/yr STEALOFADEAL offer is separate order links like I gave you earlier, and includes 2 IP addresses. It is also available in our new location Atlanta.

This is not technically a repost, because the other thread about this particular deal got deleted. The STEALOFADEAL offer actually costs $10 more than the previous deals, and it comes with 2 IP addresses.

2048MB (2GB) Dedicated Ram
50 GB Diskspace
2TB Monthly Bandwidth
100Mbps Port
2x IPv4 Address with STEALOFADEAL
1x IPv4 Address with 2GBYR code, but $10 less, but no Atlanta
Instant Setup (most of the time)
Free Backups
3 or 4 Location Choices: Los Angeles, Chicago, Buffalo, (Atlanta on the $40 code)

$40/year with promo code "STEALOFADEAL" & 2 IP addresses
Order in Chicago, IL -
Order in Buffalo, NY -
Order in Los Angeles, CA -
Order in Atlanta, GA -

$30/yr deal. with 1 IP address and no Atlanta - Choose Enterprise, 1 year recurring

The promo code to use is STEALOFADEAL or 2GBYR- over $200+ in savings Just be sure to select the 12 month billing cycle when ordering then on the next page you will find the option to enter in the promo code. This price doesn't go up after the year is up either.

When signing up, use an easy password, and change it later. Some folks had trouble with complicated password during signup.

Disclaimer: I don't work for, nor am I anyway associated with urlhasbeenblocked. I have one VPS with this company, and I paid $40 for it. They aren't giving me anything. Yes, I know they should, but they haven't. shake head

What is this, you may ask? It is an online Linux computer that you have root access to, and can install and run practically anything. Read the TOS, 'cause that doesn't include P2P sharing, folding, bit coin mining, seti stuff, and anything else stupid like that, that might kill the performance for everyone else.

Anyways, like I said, you get root access to a Linux box, and when you screw that up, no problem, they give you a control panel that lets you reinstall a new OS in minutes. Pretty cool. With a small effort, you can even vnc into it with a full GUI.

Don't expect the world from this, you get more than you pay for. Think twice before you bet your business on this, although I think there are people that do.
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