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Quote from vairox View Post :
No kidding. Roku doesn't have a Bangladesh channel TD!!! DealBreaker!!!

I cancelled directv when I got my Roku2, theres only a couple shows I watch (Dexter, Game Of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy) and I can uhhh watch those anyways, have netflix and hulu so I saved about $80 flushing DirecTV. If you sit around watching TV all day this isn't for you.
also want to point out that you need pretty good internet speed in order to cut the cable. or get good signal from antenna. I get neither. I get one station with an antenna on top of 30 foot pole. and I get 2.5MB/s top download speed. The drawbacks to living out in the boondocks, I guess. I'd love to cut my satellite off. We really don't watch it much. But with a family of 5, only being able to stream one show at a time (mediocre stream quality to boot) just doesn't quite cut it.