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Quote from happygooddeal View Post :
Darn just bought 16gb for $153 couple days ago from buydig grrr....
I miss external SD card slots too but under planned typical usage, I can stream anything I need at almost anytime for $40 less - I'm perfectly happy. If the 10" went on a ridiculous sale I'd be pressing but now I can start working on that retail Note II. drool

Quote from vikramhere View Post :
How safe is it to get a refurb vs a brand new one? what are the risks of going to a refurb one?

Really tempted to get one.
Condition could vary. My 16gb refurb from the other day is 10/10 so far but some could have scrapes, scuffs or unseen hardware defects. You have a small warranty so just make sure the charging port is secure and it doesn't have any weird 'unsolvable' freeze/reboot/crash issues and everything else should be pretty safe.

Quote from muss2k1 View Post :
just bought the 16gb for $153 a few days ago, this might be a better deal....thoughts?
Will you ever be anywhere where you can't stream the content you want (either from the net or your home network) without a laptop or mobile hard drive big enough to carry all you could possible need?

That's how I looked at it. I'm way happier with the -$40 than the -16GB. Have you gotten yours yet? I've played with it for an hour or so and it's so ridiculously better than my first gen, overclocked, CM10 Nook Color. The responsiveness is such a relief. Now I just need to root and side-load Flash and adaway.

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