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Just sold our 2nd Nook Color for $95. That was a kickass tablet rooted with CM7, but the N7 32GB is absolutely perfect. Size, color, contrast, weight, and absolutely no hiccups. You never have to mess with rooting, and it auto updates to the latest version of Android. Have used it every day since the holidays, reading up on ESPN, NBC news, Tegra 3 games (got really addicted to Zen Pinball HD - and it plays smoother than the iPad 3). Never thought I'd enjoy tablets more than an ultra book or ultra portable. But it's just a great device. Don't pass up this deal. And get the TPU S Line at Amazon for ebay. They're around $5-$8 and keep the profile/feel of the tablet. Oh, and battery life on this thing is outstanding. Just put it in airplane mode when not in use.