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Quote from mazafaka View Post :
They probably checked IP address for posters like you and found out they all come from same IP. How much longer will you be bumping this oversold VPS hosting topic, boys? Any ETA on this?
Thanks for your bump! Wink

Reasons why this is still a good deal for many of us (and thus like posting here):

1) For people like me that want to spend more time on Linux, but don't want to have a dedicated box in the house, or a virtual box taking up resources locally.
2) If you screw something up, you can start over in minutes.
3) Because it's so easy to check out that many distros, and switch to another in minutes.
4) They actually have decent tech support.
5) At $2.50 to $3.33 per month (depending on which plan you choose), it's an excellant value. I know people that tip their barista more than that every day.
6) I personally enjoy pissing off all the snobs that act like I have no business having one of these if I am not a total Linux expert. I encourage all Linux noobs to get one, then come in here and ask all sorts of noob questions.

And why do care why a thread gets bumped? Just ignore the thread already. Or come in here and bump it again. I can't believe someone bumped a thread just to complain about it being bumped!

And they can check my IP all they want.
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