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Quote from Combs View Post :
I for one think so. Especially because of the past history of the threads and when you go through them it's the same 10 people talking about how great the service is and that they are going to buy another package!!! Nobody gets this excited over a web host.
Maybe people don't get excited about a web host, but plenty of people get excited about a Slick Deal Wink Case in point: any front page thread, especially ones around Black Friday. You have to keep in mind that this isn't just a web host people are getting excited about. It's quite a deal.

Also, accusations that people are here to secretly represent Chicago VPS is ridiculous. Some of the people who post positive reviews include people like me and the OP who have been on SD for years, have a high post count, and a high rep count. It's a little improbable that all of these people were hired by Chicago VPS to post positive reviews, especially when some of us have been here on Slickdeals BEFORE was even registered laugh out loud