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Just note that these are the original Fusion cartridges; not the newer ProGlide carts. I certainly don't have a problem with the original carts, but whether the old carts are worth this much... I guess it's a matter of opinion
BTW... the OP is right, these blades work fine with either the manual or power Fusion handle. Also, they will fit either the old Fusion handles or the ProGlide handles.
Quote from sphawk88 View Post :
Added the item to cart and applied the coupon
Went through Discover
Kept the Discover tab open in Chrome
Clicked the link on the original post
Selected my cart in the Discover tab and found the item discounted!
I wish you luck getting Discover to credit you the Shop Discover cashback, given that the item was already in your cart before going through the Shop Discover link. Hope it works for you!

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