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Quote from willygee View Post :
Tried this evening to PM TRU GC offer to BB and got shot down. Even went to the closest TRU beforehand and p/u the actual ad b4 going to BB - of course no amazon GCs on hand. Asked the guy in TRU electronics that if he gets a call to say that they have them and he said he would. Headed to BB thinking that they would just do it w/o issue but nope had to go thru the whole phone call and wait on hold ordeal and I told the BB girl to talk to electronics of course she ignores me and of course they say none in stock. And I'm like its five dollars and she says "well, BB doesnt really PM anymore and yes we have to call and confirm availability" like a good little BB drone. I tried to check out in the place near the tablets and things are not in the front cashier FWIW.

Really thought BB was turning a corner too b/c the deals i scored on MBAs from a couple months ago. It was almost like they bent backwards to give me good deals on the open box ones I got (was able to stack discounts and cpns and even had mgrs come over and approve relatively easy). Idk maybe they want to get rid of open box MBAs...
It unfortunately really is Best Buy's policy to contact the local competitor to check if the item is in stock. (See: Note that it says "immediately available products from a local retail competitor's store." There are definitely times when I wish more BB employees were lazier.... Stick Out Tongue
Quote from craigx42 View Post :
Do you have to go to customer service to price match? Or can I just go to the normal register and have them do it? I don't feel like waiting in line just to get turned down.
You can do it at the normal register. You only need to go to the customer service desk if you are price matching after you make a purchase (or if a cashier is inept and sends you over there).