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Quote from 1Lumpsum2 View Post :
Google sold the 1st Nexus 7 at $199 because they had to. They will sell the New Nexus 7.7 at $249 because they can. And I've quit giving sources because there's no need to. I gave to links already, one to the build cost of the Nexus 7 and 1 to the last speculated rumors.(seems everyone does agree it will be an upgrade from the current Nexus 7). You've not giving ANY sources besides you're own version of "Duh". Going from $199 to $249 on the first Nexus would have cost Google sales, Going up to $249 on the next Nexus will not cost them very many sales at at all. They're no Apple but Google, Android and Nexus are all stronger brand names now then they were when the Nexus 7 was released. They don't have to "sell" people as much to pick a Nexus over an iPad. Not as many people are buying the "Android sucks! ios is perfect!" line anymore. And they're cost will be higher. My opinion is they up the price and I'm sure they've had the bean counters way the pros and cons and run profit and sales projections at various price points. I not sure they will say the price at Google I/O. They may show the product and the specs and say price is to be determined and sit back and watch the buzz to judge how much they think they can squeez out of it based on the feedback they've heard, then announce price a week before sales lunch. We'll see. If Intrade was still around I'd open a contract speculating on what the price will be for fun.