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You know what's absolutely hilarious? eBay reps have been doing Q&As in their forum and one seller asked exactly how these new fees would, as eBay claims, save them money. Rather than post an answer in the forum for everyone to see, an eBay rep proceeded to send some secretive answer via a private message to the seller. No joke: LMAOLMAOLMAO

I mean, seriously?! WTF. If these up new fees were so great, why not share the news with everyone? Mad

In fairness to eBay, there are a small number of set ups where you will indeed save money from these new fees, but it seems like the majority of sellers (including sellers with any kind of store) will be losing money.

Nevertheless, I'm really happy to see that there are going to be fewer ways for buyers to get away with bidding/buying for fun and not paying. That I can stand behind.