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I posted this in another thread to, no worries. Just to let you know, all the Xbox versions do not come with working online passes. Do a google search on 'Saint's Row the Third - Full package online code says already redeemed." There are a ton of people with the problem, though seems to be only on Xbox. THQ is no longer offering any support, they are in chapter 11. Any emals to the new owners (Deep Silver)with copies of my receipt and they emailed me back suggesting that my seller (Walmart), well. This is what they sent me, "Maybe you were sold a dealer exchanged game. In this case your seller should be able to provide you with a new online pass code or exchange the game for you." I guess I could return to Walmart and say the discs were warped, but I would get a new game with the same problem. And this is not exclusive to Walmart, plenty of posts from BB, Target, and Amazon. One guy in a thread said you can move all DLC to a flash drive, remove the contend of HD, and then the code works. Not too sure, there was talk about already having a working code first and then you always have to use the flash drive. Another guy, one with 4 out of 5 stars just said to download a code generator. Spent two hours looking for one without success. Anyone have info on one or an make me a code, a PM would rock. Another route people said that worked was to not install the DLC and then the code works. Defeats he purpous of having it. Any feedback would help. As far as Deep Silver, I'll spend an hour and file a complaint with the BBB and never buy their games again. Too bad, was looking forward to Dead Island II.

Quote from Abbas82 :I posted this last month...picked up SR3 and LA Noire

Your online pass work?
I didnt open it actually, ive been playing hitman, but now im curious, gonna check