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Quote from Chai View Post :
What are the uptimes on these, and anyone know if a PBX would work fine? I hear some people installed asterisk on this..
Here's some up times (it was posted earlier in the thread actually):

I am using asterisk as a google voice to voip gateway, and it works decently -- it's better than the free account on with the added advantage of allowing you to pick your own codecs (like SILK and g729 which have more restrictive licenses that preclude a place like from offering).

So I think it's allowed, and it works. That being said, I wouldn't use this for any sort of "real" PBX system, as phonic said -- the cpu load and bandwidth is a bit too variable I think (at least, on the Buffalo systems).

Quote from thv View Post :
The Control Panel listed the status as online but I can't log in using Remote Desktop Connection or Putty. I used the main IP, and root as the user name. Is that correct so far? Also, what do I put as the hostname? As you can tell, I'm a total noob to this. I have to real use for this yet, just want to log in and play with the OS. Thanks in advance for the help.
You can't use remote desktop on this -- it's not windows. (well, you could install something I guess...).

So you run Putty, put in the main IP, hit "open" and then? I assume you get a prompt, then type in "root", then the password that was emailed to you, and it doesn't work?

Try resetting the root password from the control panel.

Where are you asking about the hostname?

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