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Quote from nickc3 View Post :
But wood chips aren't exactly as good as "true" mulch.

I'll let others chime in...but for one, you may end up introducing carpenter ants and termites to your never put free mulch near the house.

Also, depending upon type of tree that was ground up, it may not break down or have proper nutrients...
I read that like 60% of the fish sold in America is mis-labeled, so while shredded redwood bark may be better than munched up municipal trimmings I think I’d temper my expectations. I buy hardwood mulch by the truckload for $13/yard at the local recycle center. It breaks down pretty quick, but when you put it down by the wheelbarrow, who cares.

Also, I’ve never seen termites in mulch. I think they go for solid wood, logs etc.

$1 for 2 cu ft is a solid deal.