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Quote from KevinM822 View Post :
I can't see how having kevin from cvps posting made the mods delete.
He did state that he was notified from a google alert about the thread.
The thread was HUGE with tons of questions getting unanswered about the company itself. Knowing about the thread I think it would be crazy to ignore some of the unanswered questions.
Like someone brought up earlier, even if the crazy idea of it being a self promotional thread, how would it be ANY different from credit karma? ----> $$$$!
Wow that was weird. Somehow double posted sorry
Mod alerts. If no one mod alerts the thread, then the mods probably won't know. Like i said, there was a guy in the deleted thread demanding all cvps employess leave. He seemed really upset they were there. Others were upset when their vps didn't work correctly out of the box. Snobs were upset that noobs were getting these, then asking noob questions. Others were upset because they claimed these were oversubscribed.If you were a mod, and you get tired of mod alerts about the same thread, you delete it. It's my current belief that one or more folks are actively trying to shut these threads down for whatever reason, using mod alerts.
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