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Quote from tsikwa View Post :
Haaah -- mine also has the Radeon 7650M (the same as teh Core i7 models!) Scores 6.7 for both Aero and Gaming on WEI! I am starting to really love this Lappy ... Awaiting good deals on a 128 or 256GB SSD as I think the bottleneck is the Slow Disk...

I Love Windows 8 BTW -- it's really an acquired taste and getting used to thingy.. Once you get the true philosophy and design behind Windows 8 -- You'll love it -- even with just the mouse or touchpad onthe Lappy!
This actually prompted me to finally update my Living Room HTPC (hooked up to a 70 inch Aqous) -- and everyone in the family loves it more than Windows 7! I bought the Logitech Windows 8 Touchpad to vastly improve the experience --- and everyone agrees we now have an even better Living Room Smart TV OS!

Linky to Logitech Touchpad (Got it for $39.99 last year) but simialr Lenovo Win8 Pads are also available for $25 when on sale:

Back to this amazing Sony Budget Full HD Lappy...

I have ordered a backlit friendly KeyBoard Cover/Skin to give it added protection

I plan to dual boot this with Windows 7.. I tried Windows 7 already using an old Notebook SATA disk from a broken Lappy and Windows 7 runs awesome...! Sony provides Windows 7 Drivers too....!

I need Windows 7 as lots of Tools at Work (VPN, ESXi 5 VI Client for my Home ESXi Lab does not work yet under Windows 8...)

I am also exploring just having my Windows 7 environment as a VM (Hyper-V) but I thought this is only available under Windows 8 Pro -- this correct/true?
Hi, question:
Where did u get your backlit friendly keyboard cover/skin? Could you provide any link perhaps? when you said you are planning to get a new SSD to replace the original, will this means that you will also need to buy new windows??
as if not, how do you install the windows in the new SSD that you are getting?

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