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Quote from BJLStorm View Post :
FYI: I ordered a 32gb today in store. Told them the following: "I tried to order a 32gb card on your online site a few days ago and they canceled my order. I was wondering if you had playstation vita 32gb cards in stock here (they won't; then they may mention it's an item you would have to order). Could you order it for me from the warehouse (they will)? The item is item number #41211."

It was that easy. 32GB card is shipping to me as we speak.

Stop complaining, put your shoes on, get your car keys, and go drive to AT&T; this deal is still live.

Edit: IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN 1, GET PREPARED TO GET A CANCELLATION E-MAIL (moral of the story: don't be a douche and resell crap on eBay). My order of 4 online (earlier) was cancelled, but my 2 individual ones were on their way through (at warehouse) when I cancelled them for lacking my apartment #.

Just wondering whether the vita memory has really arrived to you. I did the same thing (before your post) and it is still pending. AT&T receptionist has talked to their warehouse yesterday (she's really nice.) They said they do not know when this will come in stock, if ever.