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Quote from taiwan View Post :
Most resellers are stupid because they can't do the math. As someone pointed out eBay charges 12% commission on movies. Paypal charges around 3% fee. You have to tag at least 15% to break even. Depending on state tax, you could still lose money at $25. And let's not forget you need boxes to ship out this item. So hopefully you've been saving those Amazon boxes so you don't have to pay for boxes. Unless your post office is within walking distance, don't forget the gas money.

Keep in mind, most people have this movie already. Target sold its 3D exclusive edition for $20 during the first week. This was the biggest blockbuster of 2012 in terms of box office sale, most people would have picked up this movie for 20 bucks from Target online or in-store. Not to mention Best Buy sold this item for $40 for a while. There is a reason why this item is hard sell at $30 today.

Looking at eBay, many $30 giftsets don't even have a bid. Only idiots will even consider reselling this on eBay. Selling to international buyers? I did it just once. It cost $60 to ship to Singapore. This is a very heavy item. You will not find many people willing to pay that much for a movie. Unless you ship it using express mail, there isn't any USPS tracking for international packages. So you're at the mercy of buyer who wants to rip you off by reporting to eBay that they didn't get the item even though they got it. I stopped selling anything to international buyer because someone in Germany pulled this trick on me (on unrelated item). I ended up losing the item plus shipping because eBay closed the case in buyer's favor.
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