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Quote from joogle View Post :
the sucky thing about amazon is a person can return the item even close to 90 days, i had a bad experience with that once
Yeah, Amazon SUCKS BALLS when it comes to cradling their buyers with returns and making the sellers out to be the bad guys, as if Amazon are the perfect sellers themselves and never make a mistake Nono

Quote from EvilRyu666 View Post :
They're even increasing the store listing fees. premium store was 49.95, now will be 59.95. You get 500 free listings, but any above that will have a .10 insertion fee, which is double the current .05. I usually have about 1200-1300 items listed which basically means it's going to cost me about 40.00 more per month just to list the current number of listings I do.

Ebay must just really hate seeing any of their customers make any money. Every year it gets harder and harder.
CEO's wife got tired of living in their 10,000 sq ft home and driving $100k cars. She said do something about this or Im cutting you off, as I want more. Donahue thinking, ok, ok, ok...I'll just up the fees on the sellers on eBay Facepalm

Perks of being the CEO in this day and age Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)