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Quote from m3fawner View Post :
Any benefits of this over It looks like it's the same thing minus the ease of mint's auto updating.
The thinking behind YNAB is to take what you have, decide what to do with it, and then follow your plan.

If you're budgeting in Mint and following your plan, then there aren't substantial differences. The problem, for me at least, was that I didn't check Mint every day. The auto-updating became a crutch and I was less responsible. Manual entry puts me closer to my accounts because it forces me to look at them every time I want to make a purchase.

Sidenote: YNAB can import historical transaction data if your bank provides that info in a supported filetype, but at that point the money has already been spent and I don't see how that would help keep a budget.

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Does this factor in surprise expenses like pet emergencies, parking tickets, family emergencies, and personal injuries including time off from work and workers comp?
Yes. Check out the Rainy Day expenses part on their website.
Maybe drive a little slower too. Wink

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Will this make me rich?
No. How you decide to use your money will.

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