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Sent a message to all4cellular, got reply today, and shipping label, and advice to keep an eye for a replacement shipment. So far, excellent service.

Quote from mangodrink View Post :
Same here, I bought it when the description said "screen is perfect", but got one with a 0.5-inch fine scratch with a 0.25-inch of that as a wider white chip in the glass. Screen was clean though so whoever cleaned it should have known about the damage. Anyway, I figured I'd charge it up and see if there are any other problems before I contact all4cellular.

I figure I'll get the ball rolling and request $50 refund and keep the tab or just have them email me a return label with a full refund or exchange. If I don't at least get $30 back w/ tablet, then I'll file a claim w/ eBay, and worse comes to worse there's my cc purchase protection.

I was so glad to get it <5 days too, that was 1 of 2 main complaints I saw against all4cellular, slow shipping. The other was not getting the item in the condition described...

BTW, there's what looks like a water damage indicator dot between the USB and HDMI, and mine's red/pink, which is supposed to indicate water got in. I plugged it into a 2A charger for 5 minutes too and it still doesn't power on, the red charging LED just blinks in response to the power button.