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Quote from QuasWex View Post :
Sorry but your post is a load of misinformation. 60Hz might have been a problem for eye strain in the age of CRT monitors but this is irrelevant with LCD displays. CRTs literally flickered on and off at their refresh rate but the phosphors in LCDs remain lit constantly; there is no flickering so the refresh rate isn't even a literal term anymore. It's just an expression for how often the image is redrawn so it has nothing to do with eye strain.

120 Hz could make a difference in frames per second but even if you wanted to game at 120 FPS, the hardware needed to do so with any modern game at this resolution would be out of reach for 99.99% of gamers anyway. As for your issues with the 5ms response time; 5ms is so low it's indistinguishable to the human eye. Anyone claiming to see a difference between 5ms and 2ms is either lying or Superman. 60 Hz and 6ms is plenty adequate for this monitor and it should not be a concern of anyone debating a purchase.
i concur, although i too am waiting for 120hz 30"ers to become reasonable priced since my current gateway 30" is still chugging along just fine. 60fps (if it's reliable) is plenty for most games, but for the shooters i play i would like to see more like 80fps. for most people and for anyone who isnt an avid FPS player yeah the 60hz is perfectly fine.