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Yeah then I guess my eyes are just that good because I can definitely differentiate 5 ms and 2 ms ghosting differences. You can notice the trail that leads behind when you turn your character camera in a scene with grays and blacks. There is this sort of smearing going on. And also 120 Hz definitely has been more comfortable my eyes the 60 Hz but that's only on a 24 inch monitor and I'm specifically talking about having 120 Hz natively on these big monitors which I don't see very often. Yes of course you need a graphics card that's capable of pulling 120 frames per second. But if you're willing to invest in a 120 Hz monitor I think that you have the money to shell out on a good video cards well. But to mention if you play older games than the midrange cards today can definitely pull 120 Hz.

Especially true for sidecrollers like playing the trip Runner or super Mario I your computer were your whole screen is constantly scrolling the left or right the less motion blur is definitely better and when it's one players the smooth scrolling feel is really amazing on the eyes.

As for the guy who says that he games finest 60 Hz, and has no eyestrain, maybe he is just a young buck was really all the eyes or he has yet to try the feel of a 120 Hz monitor running native 120 Hz with 120 frames per second. The feeling is truly indescribable and I could plan my camera in the game and still notice all the sharp little details it almost mimics real vision it is so amazing that I really hope 120 Hz native gaming big screens will come to fruition in the upcoming years.