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I am a bit confused. I am in dire need of a monitor since an old Samsung T260HD died. It was a TN monitor and the backlighting in dark scenes and the viewing angles upset me. Anyway, I've been looking at a few IPS monitors.

This one seems pretty awesome of an upgrade - 30" for IPS with all ports I covet and 1600p. But I'm contemplating hard because with $700 I can buy the lates I7 mobo and processor as well as either the Auria available from Microcenter for $400, the Dell U2412 for $260 or the 27" Monoprice for $360.

I could also wait for the Dell u2713 to come in to a better price range when it's already at nearly $550 by way of AUS pricematch.

So what am asking is basically, is this monitor worth $717 plus tax and shipping or should I opt for something more cost-effective? or will there possible more sales, or are there options I'm not considering.

I would mainly be using them for Video Editing/ Gaming/ Connecting to a MBP/ so lack of Displayport or HDMI is inhibitory at times.

Appreciate any feedback.

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