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Quote from ctsinc View Post :
Only the most demanding games would have that problem, as per several reviews. The majority of games could be handled just fine.
Which happens to be all of the new major titles. A single 660 can only max out older games, but the newer more intensive titles, nope. So again, if a single 680 can't "max" out intensive games at 2560x1440, how will a 660? 30-40fps is not playable, unless you're a console guy.
Quote from DivineKaze View Post :
Haha. I have to sacrifice AA to play anything above 45 FPS @ 1600p with a 7970 Ghz Edition (Which is fine with me because of the higher pixel density). Only the 2nd fastest single card behind the GTX Titan..a mere GTX 660 would have to sacrifice more.
Yup. Two 7970's at 1600p should be awesome though.

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