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Quote from VaioGrave View Post :
If all that is true, how come people still want to drop money on themOMG?
Look at this thread - 160 posts and 150 of them are about frames per second. Color isn't necessarily first on the priority list. The panel was designed for a limited subset of graphic designers, but because it is the biggest/baddest thing out there, people want it. Hence the new/cheaper enclosures to appeal even more to the masses. Don't me wrong, it's an IPS screen, it looks awesome and is a vast improvement over the TN panels most people upgrade from. I suspect some people assume that the neon colors are part of what they've been missing, others choose to live with it, some don't notice or care. Some people -like- the intense color, like running your TV in torch mode or turning on "digital vibrance" in your video card settings. 1.07 billion colors (10bit) is way more than 16.7 million (8bit) so it must be better...?
Quote :
If I want the good viewing angles of a IPS panel and just 100% s-rgb and nothing more, what are the cheap options available for I guess 27-30"?
and you want multi-inputs... that's kind of the killer.

A couple months ago I would have said the Microcenter Auria, hands-down. Unfortunately they have switched to using the Dell U2711 panel, which is also wide gamut (with AG coating.) If you happen to have a Microcenter nearby, some people have found open-box older (glossy, sRGB) versions floating around.

Besides that, I think the only option right now is the Dell U2713HM - I haven't been paying that much attention, but it sounds like it has some quality control issues. Or you can go the eBay route, but the ones with HDMI -and- DisplayPort are ~$500. At that price I guess I'd try the Dell, since you can ship it back until you get a good one. Or get something cheap to tide you over for a few months, at the rate things are changing I would think something else might pop up. Maybe the Auria will switch panels again. It seems odd that Monoprice is selling two versions of the 30", but no 27" with multi inputs.

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