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Quote from ctsinc View Post :
Most demanding GAMES, plural you f'ing troll. Okay just to make you happy, you f'ing dunce, change 30-40 to 25-40. Jesus you tards are just asinine.
there's really no reason to reply to someone so discourteous and rude as yourself, but here i am.

those games (bf3 and crysis 2) are almost 2 years old now. newer 3d and fps shooters are even more demanding, so think about it....if 2 year old games are not playable on a 660 at 1600p ultra, the new games will be even worse. you are giving bad and incorrect advice, but there is nothing wrong with playing new titles at high or medium.

you stated something incorrect on the internet. it happens, but you seem to be so wrapped up and invested into it, that you lash out.

i would take a long hard look at yourself and your life. there is a lot more out there than being right on the internet, and treating people like you do does nothing but show what a sad person you are.