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Why are the Apple haters trolling here anyways? You provide nothing to this thread!

I'll be a productive hater and ask, can someone post a similar specced Windows lappy at half the price? Please not a POS because I'll pay extra $ for quality, but agree with most that Apple's premium is $100-200 always too much.

I've owned too many windows PCs laptops since 2001, ranging from $300-1500. I've replaced each one every year because they just felt obsolete after a short time. My longest lasting one, weirdly enough, was my Dell $300 netbook. It was slow as hell but was a tank. I bought my first Apple computer in 2009, which is a c2d MacBook Pro. I'm using it to this day and it runs gw2 strongly (but at about 20-30 fps). I upgraded RAM and installed two SSDs in it so its running pretty well still. I don't need to replace it but I have some extra $$ to spend and want to run gw2 on a stronger, portable laptop. I will say this about MacBook Pros: they are solid builds and are tough as heck, so if you recommend a POS PC, sorry you lose. I've dropped my MBP so many times, stupidly, and it doesn't show any signs of it. I dropped my PCs too, and something always gives in.

One other thing about MBP, I like how even at almost four years old, I don't feel like the new ones are a major upgrade, so I don't feel like I have an outdated product. Maybe that's the SSDs talking. My PCs feel outdated as soon as 3-6 months later, the same PC company comes out with a new line of products and that upsets me very much. Haters goin hate, but both macs and PCs have their pros and cons, and if you feel like either one wins in all categories, you are mistaken. I'm freaking ranting now, I'll end it here. Smilie