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None of those are consumer laptops, though, and quite frankly most of the consumer-marketed Dells, Lenovos, and HPs are junky. And comparing the $2,500, 8 lb Panasonic Toughbook to a MacBook Pro makes about as much sense as comparing a bicycle to a trailer. There aren't any 13" Dell Precisions last I checked, although the XPS isn't awful, although it probably wouldn't rate higher in build quality than a MBP, and Dell customer service is the stuff of nightmares.
A ThinkPad X230 would be similar in cost, but would have about the same hardware (no GPU, same i5, same low resolution screen) and that would hardly be a significantly better build quality.

I can compare a ThinkPad Carbon X1 to a MBA and the X1 will win in most cases because it's a business laptop.

Apple's "consumer" laptops are in the same price range as a business laptop so that's why I chose that comparison.

People seem to think that a $300 Dell is supposed to compete with a $1000 Apple laptop.

When people say that Apple makes the best built laptop , that's is a lie. If they said Apple makes the best build laptop in the consumer market , that's another thing.

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