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Quote from Chai View Post :
I heard there was no refunds?
Quote from microkelvin View Post :
doesnt sound good.
can we ask for full refund? since their systems are down alot of time, they gave us 2 extra months. but i have not logged in since day 1. can i just ask for full refund now?
Quote from RainRDX View Post :
No refunds?

After a 4 hour (and still counting) downtime today I think they should hand out a refund. Either they do it, or I will have my credit card company do it.
Their policy said no refunds, but Kevin did mention they will consider case by case. As far as downtime guarantees go, most companies have a policy of issuing credit for downtime, not refunds for downtime.

Quote from Buckyball60 View Post :
No idea why domain is not showing up.

I switched DNS to nsX, (X= 4,5,6, or 7) with my registrar and also setup these DNS within the control panel but nothing.
Your domain doesn't show up automatically if you change the name servers. You still have to setup your VPS with LAMP if it wasn't already done then add DNS records to your VPS for your domain.
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