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Quote from jasonh328 View Post :
Many of these are warranty returns, which were swapped out rather than refunded. Either way, paying sales tax on new goods is bad enough - why would anyone be willing to pay taxes on used (or substandard "b stock") goods as well?

That's actually incorrect--I have no idea where you're getting this information. A return is a return. When you bring warranty into the discussion, there's implied ownership--under canon warranty, ALL goods are repaired and returned to the owner--they are not swapped for already repaired units. If you send something in with a serial number, you get the same serial# back. I have confirmed this with canon CPS in the past. The ONLY exception might be where it is repaired, sent back prepaid through their return service, and the package is entirely lost. The only other time I heard of a swap was when someone had their camera body destroyed in a fire at one of the Canon Repair facilities--in that instance, they offered a swap (1d3-->1d4) because the original obviously could not be salvaged. If you return something to Canon, you're given a refund and told to place a new order--no swaps--I learned this from firsthand experience with a past lens purchase.

If you doubt what I'm saying, give them a call sometime and ask them direct. They'll tell you what I've already stated above.

What I've said ONLY applies to Canon's business model. Other manufacturers may operate differently. For instance, Dremel took my new drill and swapped in a refurbished unit instead of repairing what I sent them. Each company plays by their own rules.

You do realize that laws require that companies collect taxes for goods and services, correct? It doesn't matter whether they're new or used. If you go into a Gamestop, you're still going to pay taxes on those used games. If you have an issue, take it up with your state government--if companies weren't forced to collect taxes, they wouldn't. They don't get to keep that money.

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