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Quote from mychaelp View Post :
Is the 8GB on-board enough space? Seems my 16GB is just enough for me as I'm at 12GB already. Some of these apps seem to take a ton of space these days. The newer Nook HD has an awesome screen. Even better than the Nexus7. In trying to pick a tablet that was right for me I found not much in the way of easy to understand comparisons. Here's an article noting the differences of the 3 leading ones.

Personally I'd like to hack the Nook HD, but with the memory card hack I read where you can still leave the Nook's original system intact and simply take the memory card out to run it in the original state. Some of the features with multiple profiles are attractive... especially for families.
If you are extremely casual and only install a few apps and only read books/stream then maybe. In this day, anything under 32gb for a media consumption device is really a joke IMHO.

You will not get full access to the 8gb. Probably closer to 4. I went from a nook tablet to a nook hd and the difference was phenomonal. Didn't consider the nexus because of the crappy storage.

Nexus 7 = easier to use, streamlined interface, all the sensors, Standard for screen, no micro sd, front camera only

Nook HD = smallest app store (if unmodded), Amazing Screen (higher Res AND better colors than Nexus 7) micro sd slot, CM 10.1 on SD card that doesn't affect normal OS (if you resell noone will ever know), some missing sensors (only has blue tooth and accelerometer I believe), no camera, lightest tablet in this size

Nook Tablet - Same as Nook HD but lower res screen than nexus 7, less sensors, also has CM 10.1, Micro SD, cheapest option, no camera

Kindle HD = No micro sd, app store not as good as google play (pre-rooted), can only be rooted not fully custom rom'ed, part of an evil empire that will jack up prices after it takes over ebook market, front camera only

Galaxy Tab 7.7 = Micro SD, Google Play available, lots of rom support, front and rear camera, all the sensors

Nook Tablet is by far the best value out there. $100 is a good deal for any tablet. The next step up is probably a nexus 7 8 or 16 gb on sale for around 150. With CM 10.1 available for nook tablet, the advantages of the nexus 7 are almost completely mitigated. Personally I would rather have the extra storage space from a micro sd card rather than a few more sensors (gyroscope, gps, front camera). That's why I have a nook HD personally rather than a nexus. And yes, it's very convenient to have the original OS available. The normal nook os is very good for just reading and being streamlined.

Quote from vamos View Post :
Long story short, if you want one to hack for Android get it now coz I havent seen that $90 price since black friday/xmas period and ebay prices in general are higher for used ones.

So odds are it wont be $90 anytime soon unless BN starts a big clearance push. Or maybe that holiday $90 price was the clearance.

Friends with kids love these coz its way more legal than drugging the kids when you've got them in the back seat of the car Smilie
It's really the best tablet for kids because its way more beefy than a nexus 7 and has a small hole to use a lanyard to prevent accidents.

Quote from sanDan View Post :
cowboom usually has it cheap. I assume people like the warranty on this?
It's always better to have a warranty, and also not to deal with lemons.

Quote from xecutionkrk View Post :
isn't that $130 bux nexus better than this? with 8gb space
Subjective. See comparison above. If you will a 7" tablet to mount in your car as a GPS or really use a lot of skype then yes. But if you can go without that and can put up with slightly less resolution, the nook tablet is just fine especially for the price.


For everyone buying, keep in mind the Galaxy Note 8" tablet is coming in a few months as is the new nexus 7 tablet (rumoured to be full hd).

I think anyone who buys a nexus 7 now will be kicking themselves whereas at this price, the nook tablet will be less of a regret.