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After trying one of these "gaming headsets" I realized I prefer the lighter Bluetooth headsets are also available in Bluetooth. I really dislike the big ear muff covers especially on hot days and long play sessions because years get really sweaty and it is a really uncomfortable feeling because your years get really hot and moist. However for $30 or sometimes $20 you can find a on sale year but style lightweight Bluetooth headset which also comes with a microphone. These are much lighter and much better in terms of comfortability the sound quality is really good to especially if you go for a better brand. That might cost you up to $40.

However I think is worth it because ergonomics is very important especially when gaming you don't want to constantly be distracted by your headphones they have to adjust or pull-up and fan out to let out the moisture to evaporate. Not to mention the heaviness of a larger set of headphones is also a distraction because sometimes you get itches that you want to scratch and headphone is blocking the area that you want to scratch. And of course the headphone is the thing that caused the itchiness in the first place it being so big and having so many places that are touching her head that could potentially cause it to itch.

The last thing is that these big headsets if you have long hair can really patdown and mold the shape of your hair on top of your head and have to take them off especially after a long play session you'll find that you have a "bad hair day." That means you have to waste time trying to correct the shape of the hair on top.. With a smaller lightweight Bluetooth headset you don't have to do this.