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Quote from LeonardVinson View Post :
I am so glad everyone underappreciates fluorescent backlighting. Otherwise a 47" IPS panel like this wouldn't get categorically denied by most shoppers just because it's not LED backlit, & it would sell out at a much higher price.

IDK about buydig, but I feel a little better it being through ebay at least than when it was 450 from tigerdirect, direct. Must mean there's a looot of them out there though. Either way great deal OP, thank you.

I mean the 42" version of this is over $100 more than this.

im specifically looking for an LED sidelit display because of weight.. its going to be mounted in an area with only 1 stud

Quote from Qusus View Post :
Is CCFL more hazardous for your eyes than LED backlighting? I always thought LED caused more eye-strain and CCFL was easier. Of course, any kind of rear-projection lighting is bad, but isn't CCFL the lesser of two evils?

(Agree on the other points however.)

if anything, CCFL would cause more eystrain since it "flickers"... earlier LEDs had white balance issues which would make the color less accurate but not cause eye strain

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