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Quote from Tekerugburn View Post :
decent android experience

1024 x 600 resolution only
no bluetooth
no gps

That being said there will be a lot of people pro Nook color/tablet or Kindle Fire/Fire HD. Which most can give a decent android experience with different approaches but they always fail to mention the bad. There will be a bit of learning curve when installing/hacking/modding.

Yes we know the Nexus 7 has no micro sd slot; but it does support host mode via an OTG cable to connect flash cards/usb drives for media storage.... so that point is kind of moot.

While there are devs that work on Nooks and Kindles...there will ALWAYS be more devs for the Nexus 7...why? It's a Nexus device. While Nooks and Kindles will have to wait for a ROM to be released whenever a new android version comes out. The Nexus will likely be one of the first to get it.

Sometimes you have to find workarounds for certain apps...HULU, Netflix etc. Have to find a specific app version to get it to work, modified apps...sometimes they work right off the bat. If a App has an update... its not always guaranteed to work and another work around might need to be found again. Sometimes it involves downgrading and going to a previous version of the app.

AND even when those ROMS come out for the Nooks and Kindles.... they are mostly in alpha or maybe beta. Lots of bugs, not everything is working (camera, wifi, gps)...and sure they will probably hash out the bugs given enough time. Yet, the Nexus 7 will already have it up and usable as a daily driver while the Nook and Kindle will be far from a daily driver.

Look at XDA and you will see UNOFFICIAL on like all the roms because its not officially supported. Sure its supported now but the devs can quit anytime they want...not saying that they will just sometimes they move onto other projects/devices.

I have owned lots of android devices... started with the Nook color which was a blast to play with and learn from. And I love playing and modding but under no circumstance should Nooks or Kindles ever be said to give a better android experience than a Nexus device... its simply not true.

So overall...great device, great way to get experience and learn stuff, great price but for 50 to 100 bucks more (16gb or 32gb) the Nexus 7 is still one of the best options.

So the question you have to ask: is the microsd slot and 50 to 100 bucks of savings worth it.
Good write up. I also started with the Nook Color, and modded to CM7. Great device - outstanding screen, great reader, good for videos, and very solid build. Negatives are one of the worst charger ports in history. After market chargers could take an entire day to charge it to 100%. They also hold their value very well, and sell quickly on CL (at least two of mine did with a bootable CM7 mSD card).

Picked up an iPad 3 and Nexus 7 32GB this past holiday for $330 and $200 after some coupon codes/CB. Very similar devices, but IMO the N7 trumps the iPad 3 in game play, and ergonomics. The GPU in the N7 excels because it's not trying to keep up with resolution. And with my eyes, there's not much difference in screen quality. Text is razor sharp on both. Colors look great on both . But games from Tegra 3 play super smooth on the N7. Similar games on the iPad are a bit more jerky.

The whole debate is price point. For $100, and modded, the NT 16GB is a home run. does it compare to the N7? No way - especially with the N7 having automatic OS updates. That in itself is worth my time, which equates to money. Rooting was fun back in the Nook Color days. I appreciate not having to mess with it.

32GB is perfect for a tablet. 16GB may be tight with better apps. 8GB was fine on the Nook Color with basic apps, but with a larger mSD card, apps could be put on the card.

This is a no brainer. Try it out. Root it. If you don't like it, sell it on CL for $125. You'll get a little more if you list it with the CM10 mSD card. People love tablets, and they love name brand tablets even more.