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Quote from konradsa View Post :
Don't know, but my experience is totally different. Battery life is great, like 10+ hours. Root it, install Franco kernel, and you will get 2 more hours out of it. You can then also attach a USB stick and pretty much have unlimited storage. But the GUI is really laggy, especially if you ever used an iPad before. Don't know why Android, with all the CPU and GPU firepower still feels slower and more laggy than an iPad 1. I guess Apple has more resourceful software developers. Anyways, for the price it's an unbeatable tablet.
Android will always be laggy compared to an equivalent machine running iOS. The problem was never really hardware, because if it were, phones like the galaxy s2, s3 and 4 would be flying. The problem has to do with android being based on linux. And it deep in the linux kernel, not just superficial. Changing the way linux works is no mean task, and I absolutely appreciate what linux and google have done to the mobile platform choices. We have a serious alternative to iOS and BB.
So back to linux-- the kernel two kinds of random number generators, one higher level and one lower level. One more secure than the other. We know that random number generation is important for the SW to run securely. The linux kernel many times, will tend to use the higher level generator for tasks which do not need it, causing lag. Moreover, the memory method used for random numbers has another problem. Linux needs to drain this memory before new numbers can be used. This causes lag as well. Then there is the issue of Java VM, many things work on the Virtual Machine, this may cause lag as well. Manufacturers using android are boosting the hardware (the hardware is phenomenal, example, S4), but what really needs to be done is an overhaul at the SW level. Perhaps overhaul is too strong a word, may be fine tuning is more apt, Im not sure.
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