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(1) I prefer to install the jellybean O/S on the device because you will need the microsd slot to store media. For those who only do the temporary install through a boot card, I don't understand how you can use this device for anything other than Internet. If you install apps, they go away as soon as reboot. If you want to watch movies on an SD card, you can't because the O/S is running off the card in the slot. Seems like you aren't using the device to its full potential.

Quote :
C) MAKE SURE YOUR NOOK IS POWERED DOWN AND OFF. Having it on while inserting the microsd will cause it to write files to the boot microsd.

5) Insert the boot microsd card into the nook (AGAIN MAKE SURE THE NOOK IS OFF PRIOR TO THIS STEP)
I f I am not mistaken, I think this is important because the Nook O/S will write data to the card and could interfere with the boot portion of the card. Have never seen anyone confirm that.

Quote :
6) Power on the Nook and a cardboard box on a white background should appear, and then CWM recovery should be present. CWM V5. Navigate up and down with the volume buttons, the U button selects, and the power button goes back in the menu.
It isn't quite clear to me whether you have to press the "home" button or anything else while it is booting to get that "cardboard box" icon to come up. Some instructions say you do and others say you don't.