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Quote from cconklin1 View Post :
hahaha! a better warranty than Costco??? newsflash...on this you/ are dead wrong...
Pretty sure he's talking about Pioneer's manufacturer warranty on the Elite vs. their non-Elite models.

I believe Elites get two-year warranties, while the non-Elites are just one-year.

Were you perhaps referring to the extension of the initial manufacturer's warranty?

As for amp comparisons, I think the SC-37s were the first Elites to get all Class D, and has been continued through to the SC-68s.

More efficient, less heat output going this route.

Denon has Audyssey XT32 equalization while Pioneer has it's own, seemingly less intricate version.

I've had both the Denon 4311Ci and the Pioneer SC-57, and for straight out of the box, ready to go, no issues or concerns functionality I'll say Pioneer gets the checkmark.

Overall, Denon offers more for the audiophile in you, but if you don't have time nor have an overly critical ear and want something that just works for everything when you turn it on, IMO, the Pioneer gets it.

This stuff about brightness, warmth, depth, and all that other jargon can be managed via the receiver's internal equalizer or DSPs, or an external one.

In addition to room acoustic treatments, decent speakers and high quality sources.

Notice I didn't say anything about wiring. Affordable (to you), proper gauge for the distances, electrically-safe jacketing that's aesthetically pleasing to you is about all I'll say on that subject.