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Quote from zanetheinsane View Post :
For what it's worth, I have this tablet with CM10 loaded on the EMMC. It is fast enough to do browsing, Netflix, media streaming, and all of the casual 2D games easily. The case feels really solid and although the big grey border does increase the size it feels really durable, especially inside a nice cheap $5 leather case. Unlike a Nexus 7, with a case this thing is more like "paperback book size" and not "big phone that fits in your pocket size".

For $100 you'll get basically a really good Android experience, no cameras but an SD card slot. It has specs pretty much on par with the HP Touchpad which I also own. One of the big negatives is that unlike my Touchpad which has the Beats Audio speakers, the speakers on this thing are super weak but still workable. Any ambient noise can easily drown them out on max settings, though. The processor was easily powerful enough to handle browsing without noticeable lag. Unlike on my touchpad, CM10 is very stable on the Nook and battery life is good.

As long as you don't need: cameras, HDMI out, powerful 3D capabilities, GPS, or 3G/4G this tablet really is a good bargain.

The trick is just knowing whether or not you need those things.
I would think the BB Playbook would be a good value in that regard.