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See if you will NEED the 2nd Generation Nest:

1st Gen Nest carries a 5 year warranty
2nd Gen is 2 years

Check your local electric company for rebates. In my state, they offer a $100 rebate for this.

MA/NH gas companies also include a $100 rebate (up to 2 per household) for this:

For MA and RI residents National Grid has a rebate of 50% off up to $100.

So after rebate the price comes to $89.50 which is SUPER SLICK.

Check your local residential gas or electricity supplier for similar rebates.

Ameren Illinois Residential Heating customers can get a $25 rebate: []

Ameren Missouri appears to allow $25, two per household.

People's Gas or North Shore Gas Illinois customers can get a $50 rebate (up to 2 per household) []

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