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Quote from Smoke1234 View Post :
So confirm..I cannot setup a gaming server?
That is incorrect, we allow gameservers and have many clients doing this already. Smilie

Quote from MitulP5935 View Post :
Not sure if this is possible, but can I run two proxy servers simultaneously since we are allocated 2 x IP's?
Yep - that is definitely possible. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Quote from thinkfire View Post :
Anyone here have success in having the zpanel dns manager actually work?

I have to do everything in the SolusVM DNS manager....I submitted a ticket. First response was

"if you use your own nameservers you have to use our DNS panel"

to which I replied

"but I am using your nameservers, not my own"

to which they responed

"If you use our nameservers, you have to use our DNS panel"

at first I am like O.o, then I am like 0.O, and now I am like x.x.

Sounds like there is no choice but to use their DNS panel and not able to use the zpanel DNS manager?

Why wouldn't they just say "you have to use our DNS panel no matter what'

I remember reading about how to get around this issue in the last thread before it was deleted...but...the thread...was deleted...
Hello, urlhasbeenblocked offers free DNS hosting to all customers as a courtesy. It is 100% optional and is provided at no cost for the convenience of our customers. With that said, because its optional you have the choice whether to use our DNS hosting or to run/manage your own DNS nameservers. Some prefer to use ours because it takes the hassle away from them and our DNS servers are diversely spread out across the US, while others prefer to manage their own.

If you are using our nameservers (which are ns4 to then you must set up your domain in the VPS control panel [] by navigating to the "DNS Manager" tab after logging in. After adding it, you can configure your domain's DNS zones from there accordingly.