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Quote from sklar View Post :
I really hate it when they send me the executive bonus check for ~200-250 every year, I pay my $100 membership fee, and am just beside myself with anger over the other $100-150 I'm paid to shop there.

I also hate buying dog food, cheese, wine, meat and milk for 20-50% less than the supermarket.

What I really hate most of all is spending about six minutes getting an insurance quote from them and saving over $500 a year on my home and car policy vs the very best and cheapest price I could get from any other insurer, and their coverage is significantly better since it includes roadside assistance, home glass replacement and a bunch of other stuff thrown in for free. And the SOB's sent me a $100 gift card just for doing it. I hate them SO much. In a couple of months when my divorce is finalized, I'll be forced to swallow my pride and buy health insurance through them for 3/5th the price I'd pay for the cheapest health insurance, and it includes prescription drugs, which nothing anywhere near it in price offers. Bastages!

I really can't stand the enormous savings, great inexpensive services and the best customer service in the retail business. Bunch of jerks.
20-50% less than the supermarket? How much is milk at your Costco? At mine, it's $2.45 - $2.65 per gallon and that's more expensive than at the supermarket, where you can get it for $1.99. Also Organic milk is $9.99 for 1.5 gallons which is also more per unit than the $5-$6 gallon you can buy it for at the supermarket.

As far as other food items are concerned, yes the per unit price at Costco is generally low, but you can find stuff cheaper at other places if you catch on to deals/coupons. But the fact that you have to buy stuff in bulk, even at low prices, does not work for some people.

I know that Costco has good deals occasionally, but I can totally how other people will think the $55 yearly membership fee is just not worth it, especially when you can just use their gift card to buy stuff without the membership fee.