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Quote from chuckywang View Post :
20-50% less than the supermarket? How much is milk at your Costco? At mine, it's $2.45 - $2.65 per gallon and that's more expensive than at the supermarket, where you can get it for $1.99. Also Organic milk is $9.99 for 1.5 gallons which is also more per unit than the $5-$6 gallon you can buy it for at the supermarket.
My costco sells milk for 2 gallons for around $5. Its $6 at the supermarket. I can also buy 2 gallons of organic milk for $10, while its $6.99 a gallon in the supermarket. I can buy wine for $6 a bottle that sells for 12-13 at the store. I buy rib eye steak for $5.89 and filet mignon for $9.99. Nowhere NEAR the store prices. Do the math.

Quote :
As far as other food items are concerned, yes the per unit price at Costco is generally low, but you can find stuff cheaper at other places if you catch on to deals/coupons. But the fact that you have to buy stuff in bulk, even at low prices, does not work for some people.
Sure, I love spending hours and hours collecting and collating coupons vs just taking a package off the shelf at costco. The 'bulk' complaint doesn't really work anymore. I'm a single guy with a small child and some dogs and I have no problems with the size of most of the packaging.

Just got back from Costco. Bought a pack of 3 belts for under $10. Bought two giant containers of cat litter for half the price walmart charges for the same container. Two tubs of lobster bisque each big enough for two people for $8. A huge bag of baby bell cheese for $7.50 when the supermarket charges more than that for half the size bag, a nice solid memory foam dog bed for $38...cant find this quality for under $50 even on sale, and a huge tub of organic salad greens for $2.25.

Quote :
I know that Costco has good deals occasionally, but I can totally how other people will think the $55 yearly membership fee is just not worth it, especially when you can just use their gift card to buy stuff without the membership fee.
You don't get a 3% kickback for the gift cards, and you cant use any of the costco services like the fantastic insurance and other services deals I get without a membership. Those pay for my membership 5x over and then some each and every year.

There are, I'm sure, plenty of reasons why it wouldn't work for someone. Like you never buy anything, you use no services whatsoever, don't own a car or a pet, have no children, and never leave the house. Then I guess you couldn't figure out a way to make it work.

I'd spend roughly $1200-1300 less buying my products and services at Costco vs other options and I've done the math plenty of times, even with extreme couponing.

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