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Anyone with dogs questioning the price of Costco membership is missing out big time.

The Kirkland premium dog food is very high quality. No by-products, no corn, ect. Rated very high on dogfoodadvisor . com, right up there with Nutro Ultra food. The price is less than even Nutro's cheapest dog food line. You will make up the cost of membership with just a few bags of dog food a year alone. They also have top quality dog treats, toys, and beds at less than half the cost of similar ones at pet shops. Worth the price. I did a "free day" at Sam's club to compare dog food and the Sam's Club food is on par with the basement brands like Alpo ect. Junk.

I think I'll try to shoot over their this weekend and see if they have those shoes.

Edit: The name of that high end kirkland dog food is "Natures Domain." Review:

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